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Are You A Regifter?

Are You A Regifter?

 Ok, so we have all done it.  Admit it you have as well!

 Most of the time, we regift because we don’t need or want that third crock pot or ugly sweater. Sometimes people regift because they have too much stuff or it wasn’t their style.

Here are a few things to think about when you purchase that next gift, because no one wants to have their gift regifted.

 Find out the recipient’s interests.  Do they have a favorite color?  Do they have a hobby like sewing, crocheting, journaling, walking on the beach? What other interests do they have? Once you can narrow down the interests of that person, it is so much easier to buy a meaningful gift.

 Another thing people consider when purchasing a gift, is whether or not it is unique.  Is the gift one-of-a-kind?  How do you feel knowing that the recipient will be the only one getting that special color, or style? Better yet how will they feel?  How many times did you receive a gift and could not wait to show everyone?  How about when you opened that gift and said WOW?  We all like to think we are special and want to proclaim to the world that we are!  I bet you would love to be the only person in the entire world to have that one product. 


 We have had many people ask us to make something that they thought would be a perfect gift for someone. There has been the Mom that wanted to show how proud she was of her son because he got a  promotion in the fire department so she wanted to get him a red line pen;  the person that just started learning how to sew and loved the color purple so she was gifted the seam ripper.

 Lots of people love handcrafted gifts. Have you kept something that was handmade because it brings back memories or a special time in your life? Is that why we keep all those keepsakes from our kids that they made in elementary school? Sure, it is.  We know the hard work, the love, and the determination that went into making that special gift. The same can be said about when you buy a product from us.  We not only have spent years perfecting our craft, but we have put our heart and soul into each piece that we make. Also, we are keeping the craft of turning alive!

All our products are never “mass produced” so that means you are the only one getting that item that is slightly different than the next. The color pattern might be a little different, or even the circumference of the body a little thicker on a pen. 

Sure, you can buy a “mass produced” item but those usually just get thrown out.

    You work hard for your money and there isn’t anything more aggravating at buying something only to find out the quality is subpar. 

 Is it important for you to buy a product from someone that you know, and will stand behind their product? Look at a couple reviews either on our Facebook page or on our website to see what other people have said about their experience. 

"I am in absolute love with this pen! It is even more beautiful in person. I love how much the jewel sparkles on top and get excited when I can pull it out if my purse to use and people comment on it! Will definitely be purchasing more for gifts!"

When you buy one of our products, we stand behind it. We always want the buyer and the recipient to have a good experience.

Although we cannot guarantee that our products won’t be regifted, we feel that the chances are slim.  We have been told that sometimes our products don’t even make it to the gift recipient, because once they received the product, they kept it for themselves.  Sorry, but we can not do anything about that!

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