A Road To Nowhere...or Maybe Somewhere

A Road To Nowhere...or Maybe Somewhere

A couple weeks ago, Paul and I took a few days off to go to the mountains of North Carolina.  We needed a few days to relax, enjoy the scenery, and maybe find some waterfalls in Bryson City.

We enjoyed hiking to find some waterfalls, but it also made us realize that we are out of shape, but we persevered taking in all the sights and sounds of the trails. Sometimes you just have to listen and see the beauty around you to appreciate it all.   It did not matter if it took us longer to get to our destination, as we really did not have a time limit.  However, the sound of thunder and seeing rain in the distance does make you walk a lot faster.

On one day of our mini vacation we came across a beautiful older couple that were local vendors to the area. Upon talking to them about the area and the wares they sell they told us about “The Road to Nowhere”.  They said that there would not be any water falls on this road, but the scenery is spectacular.

We did not have any other plans, so we decided to find this road.  The lovely couple failed to mention that this very curvy road is six miles long.  During our exploration of the Road to Nowhere, I realized that as I approach my sixtieth birthday, heights and curvy roads really scare me!

As Paul was driving, I was white knuckled while gripping the door handle.  I did keep telling Paul to slow down although he really was not driving that fast as the speed limit was thirty-five and he barely got over thirty miles an hour.

It was a scary ride having met other cars on these sharp corners that decided our lane looked better than theirs.   It seemed like eternity getting to our destination, and honestly this twisty road almost made me nauseous, and my heart was certainly racing.  On a few occasions I did mention that we should just turn around, but he kept sayin "we are almost there".

I kept looking at the side of the road which probably wasn't the best thing to do.  There were very few guardrails, and the corners that did have them were just pieces of wood with green moss covered on them. That should have made me feel better, seeing this beautiful moss. It meant that no one crashed through the guardrails. It did not help!

After we arrived at the end of the road, my heart was still racing, and my right arm was hurting due to clenching the door handle, but It was incredibly beautiful up on top of the mountain and the tunnel tells it all.

Back in the 1940’s this spectacular road was to be built for the townspeople who were displaced by the government taking their land to build which is now  Fontana Lake.  Because of environmental concerns this road was never completed.  You can see the history here. https://blueridgemountainlife.com/road-to-nowhere-bryson-city-nc/

Now how does this story relate to our business or maybe even to our life?  Well over the last four years since starting our small business we have had some ups and downs,  just like any other business.  It has never been a straight ride, but curvy just like the road. But we have learned to persevere through these curves and to move on. 

Sometimes we feel as though we do not have a safety net like the guardrails, but we have not crashed and learned that listening to our followers will guide us up and down the road.  Therefore, we ask for your opinion.

But most importantly at the end of the day we love the beauty we create.  We love seeing the resin in our products unfold while it is curing.  Kind of like seeing the beauty around a corner.  We also enjoy hearing from our customers on how our products have impacted their life.  Like the time a customer wanted Paul to make a crochet handle a little bigger so she could still enjoy her hobby.  Without the guidance of our customers we would not be able to create that perfect birthday gift, wedding present, or maybe just a gift for yourself. 

Although this Road to Nowhere ended, our journey is just beginning with the help of all our followers.  We thank you for your support in our business and love the feedback we get from you.  Always let your journey continue!


Proofread and edited by Michelle Hamlin


I would be white knuckled too! Love the way you painted the road ❤ It’s wonderful to slow down and feel all the beauty around us. So glad you enjoyed your trip!


Beautiful story and how it applied to you life was superbly written
Many of us dont take time to see the beauty thats right before us . We dont listen to what God says to us in this beauty. So happy you enjoyed this trip and received so much from it. My exploring days when younger was all up and down the Blue Ridge Pkwy so I can relate to your white knuckles. Lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. These are the reasons you and Paul turn out such fabulous items. Hugs to you both from a mountain gal at heart.

Beverly Ziglar

I love real life stories that tie in and relate to your life’s journey..
my favorite part of this adventure you shared is “sometimes you have to listen to the sounds of the beauty around you” I love this so much because I love nature and how it speaks, if only we would listen..
thanks for sharing this Aleta..


Nicely written, Aleta!!!

Neuane Adcox

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