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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Lemon Lime Secret Compartment Key Chain with Safety Whistle

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Secret Compartment Key chain

Got a toothpick?  Want to hide that 20-dollar bill away from your kids?

This secret compartment key chain is something you probably haven’t seen.  Untwist the top and you can put toothpicks, tightly rolled money, small medications, as well as notes.  People have also used this to put their loved one’s cremains in there.  If you do this, we suggest you put some superglue on the threads, so it doesn’t come lose.

Use the safety whistle when you want to grab attention, or take it and root for your favorite team!

The coloring has  mica powder in it which makes this a stunning piece. 

Secret Compartment Key Chain Features

  • All our products are hand turned by Paul on his lathe. They are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this item.
  • The secret compartment key chain measures approximately 5 inches long from ring to end of whistle. The barrel to pace small items in is approximately 3 inches long. 
  • Store toothpicks, money, small medications, and cremains in the barrel.
  • Great gift idea for anyone that would like a one of a kind item.