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The Inkwell

Do you love handmade?

Are you always looking for something that no one else has?

Do you struggle getting that perfect gift for that person who has everything?

Do you love a mystery?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the answer!


Each month Paul will be putting together a Monthly Bundle Box. 

You will always know what the pen will be, but in addition to a stunning hand turned  pen he also will be putting in "the box" another hand turned item.  This is the mystery! This "extra" hand turned item is currently  not sold on our website, and he is unsure if it will ever will be offered to the public! 

He also will be putting in a couple items from local businesses that we love! 


This is a pre-pay box, and there is a limited supply!  Once the slots are filled there will not be an option to purchase it!

This box is discounted by at least 25 percent of what we would normally sell each item for! 

Each month The Inkwell will open up on the 5th of the month for 5 days only! 

Click  to see the  bundle box

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