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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Tweezer With Hand Turned Sky Blue Resin Case

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Use the tweezers to remove hair, shape brows and also great for crafting projects like sewing.

This is the perfect solution for a pocket or purse and is stored in a turned carry capsule.

The classic slant tip tweezer is made of quality Stainless Steel with a strong pinch and easy grip. 


  • All of our products are handmade and turned by Paul on his lathe. This means they are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this item.
  • The tweezer and case weighs about 1 3/4 ounces, and measures 4 1/4 inches in length. 
  • The tweezer fits snugly into the case, and has a clip on it so it will not roll.