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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Secret Compartment Key Chain with Safety Whistle-Deserted Island

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Secret Compartment Key chain

Looking for a discreet way to keep your essentials close at hand? Look no further than the Secret Compartment Keychain!

This ingenious hand turned keychain features a hidden compartment that's perfect for storing small items like toothpicks, rolled up bills, or medication. Just unscrew the top and place the items in the barrel! 

Made with durable resin and featuring beautiful Mica powder coloring, this keychain is both functional, stylish, and one of a kind.

So why not add one to your key ring today? You'll be glad you did!

Secret Compartment Key Chain Features

  • All our products are hand turned by Paul on his lathe. They are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this item.
  • The secret compartment key chain measures approximately 5 inches long from ring to end of whistle. The barrel to pace small items in is approximately 3 inches long. 
  • Store toothpicks, money, small medications, and cremains in the barrel.
  • Great gift idea for anyone that would like a one of a kind item.