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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Hand Turned Walnut Pizza Cutter

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Pizza Cutter

Do you ever open your pizza box and the cheese is all stuck together? No need to dig out a knife. 

Maybe you’re baking and need something to cut your dough? This will do it! 

This pizza cutter is for you with a durable stainless steel blade, and guard so to keep the fingers away from what you are cutting! All hand turned and one of a kind! 

*****Hand Wash Only

Due to the size of this box it will ship Priority mail. 

Pizza Cutter Features

      • All our products are hand turned by Paul on his lathe. They are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this item.
      • The pizza cutters measures approximately 10 inches long from top of the wheel to the end of the handle.  This is a heavy duty pizza cutters weighing in at about six ounces. 
      • All cutters have a durable, thick stainless-steel blade beveled to a sharp edge, this sturdy pizza cutter cuts through pizza, pie crust, lasagna, pastry dough and more.
      • A stainless steel thumb guard keeps fingers safely away from the blade and helps you press down to cut.
      • Paul places six coats of a shellac/wax finish so the oils from your hands won’t turn the wood.  Hand was only please! 
  • Great gift idea for anyone that loves to cook!