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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Hand Turned Resin Cat Pen-Calico

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Are you a cat lover, and want to always have your feline with you?

This twist pen is dressed in gold and has several extras on it to remind you of your kitty. 

On the top of the pen where you twist is a sleeping kitty, and the tail is the clip. In the center is a band of playful cats, while the tip shows off several paw prints.  i


Cat Twist Pen Features

  • All our pens are hand turned by Paul on his lathe. They are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this pen.
  • This cat twist pen weighs about one and five eighths ounce, so it is one of our heavier pens that we offer. The length is five and three quarters long.
  • Being able to refill this pen by using a Parker Style refill allows you to be able to enjoy this pen for years to come. 
  • Your pen will be shipped in a decorative window box, so that you can give it as a gift without having to figure out how you’re going to wrap it.