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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Colorful Spectraply Wood Hand Turned Diamond Painting Placer Tool

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Whether you are just starting out with diamond painting or have been relaxing with this hobby for years the hand turned diamond painting tool is a staple. 

  • All of our diamond painting tools are hand turned so no two will ever be alike, and they aren’t massed produced so you know when the piece comes from.
  • Since the length is about 5 3/4 long and weighs in around 1/2 ounce it is so comfortable fitting in the hand.  No more cramped and tired hands! 

  • The spectraply wood is stunning and Paul has put his own design on the tool.  Very unique and colorful.  

  • The tip is stainless steel so is durable and not flimsy! It will come out so you can put your other favorite tips in the handle.  

If you are tired of your hands cramping when using those other store bought diamond painting tools give this one a try.  You’ll love it!