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Paul's Hand Turned Creations

Antique Brass Trimmed Nautical Theme Refillable Pen- Exotic Bethlehem Olivewood

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If you're looking for a nautical-themed pen that will let you write your thoughts with ease and precision, look no further than this refillable pen! Made from beautiful Bethlehem olivewood, it features an engraved scene of a romantic sailing scene as well as other nautical elements like the captain's wheel and anchor. It makes for a perfect gift for any naval enthusiast or pirate wannabe.


This pen is dressed on a antique brass trim package!

Ahoy Mate!

Nautical Pen Features

  • All our pens are handmade and turned by Paul on his lathe. They are never mass produced, so be assured that you are the only one getting this pen.
  • The Nautical Theme pen is heavier than all the pens we offer. The weight is 1 7/8 ounces and is 5 ½ inches long, so would suite better in a larger hand.
  • The twist mechanism on the Nautical pen is fantastic for the person who loses their cap pens!
  • With a medium ball point tip, it makes your writing experience enjoyable, and no messy ink smears.
  • Being able to refill this pen by using a Parker Style refill allows you to be able to enjoy this pen for years to come. Or, the gift recipient will be thinking of you for a long time.