i could cry

Have you been seeing all of the headlines about not being able to get certain items? 


It's for real!


And we are being impacted by this in a huge way!. 


Initially we thought we would be ok because we use 5-7 suppliers for the hardware for our products, but in the last week we are seeing more and more items being out of stock.


So, although we may have plenty of wood or resin the hardware we use to put all of our pieces together is getting scarce, and there is no timeline on when they may be back in stock. One supplier said it could be six months!


I have never seen it this bad, and honestly since we are in our busiest season it is quite frustrating.  I have spent hours trying to find other suppliers, but it's all the same! 


This is how we are impacted...

  • Can not find all of the hooks to put with our crochet sets
  • No more bookmark hardware to be found
  • The particular hardware we love for our ice cream scoops is gone.
  • Certain pen parts are very limited
  • Secret compartment keychain with a safety whistle are no longer available. 
I have reached out to our suppliers and they are all saying the same thing..."We don't know when we will have more."


So {!firstname_fix}, I wanted to let you know that some of the items listed on our website are it!.  If there is something that you like in any of these collections now is the time to get it. Most likely once these are gone that will be it until we can find more hardware. 


Crochet sets

Secret compartment key chains with whistle

Letter openers

Ice Cream scoops



Also, we have shut off custom orders, and at this time we are unsure what we will have for a Black Friday Sale, or even if we will have one. I never thought I would be writing that! 



Until next time,

Aleta & Paul
PS..I have ordered some hardware for pizza cutters and diamond painting handles since a few folks have asked about those items.  Hopefully Paul can got those handles turned within the next week. 
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